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    The press delegation visited the Laha factory of Heilongjiang Hongzhan Group

           At 2 pm on August 30, by People's Daily Online, Xinhua Net, China Net, China Daily, Yangguang.com, Sichuan News Net, Heilongjiang Daily, Hong Kong Commercial Daily, Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao, Tencent.com, Sohu, Phoenix.com, Sina.com, A group of reporters from Netease and Northeast Net visited the Laha factory of 万博体育手机版登陆_万博手机APP_万博manbext网页版under the leadership of the local government. Liu Yongjia, vice president of factory production, Li Xin, director of the office, and Pan Yelei, director of the security department, attended the company. 



          First of all, accompanied by General Liu, the reporters came to the original grain site to visit and learn about the initial supply of raw materials in the factory. Li Xin, the director of the office, introduced the background history of the factory and the development plan and goals. sure. Next, under the leadership of General Liu, the reporters came to the circulating water section, and Liu introduced a detailed introduction. The company actively responded to the national environmental protection policy, increased investment in human resources, material resources and financial resources for environmental protection and recycling, and was highly praised by the reporters.

           Subsequently, the press delegation came to the alcohol production workshop, and answered questions and doubts from the reporters' group. Liu, who is the vice president of production, answered the standardized operating procedures, spacious and bright production workshop, advanced production technology and strict implementation standards. They all left a deep impression on the reporters.

           After a week of visiting the factory, the press group praised the factory's environment and advanced equipment, and expressed its affirmation and reassurance on the quality of the products. Subsequently, the press group left the company by car.

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